Thankful Thursday: Date nights, DNows and Encouragement!

Eventually, I’m going to get better about posting more than just Thankful Thursday, but nonetheless (which is one of my fave combo words!), we’re back at Thursday and I am super thankful. For what you ask? Well…

I’m thankful for date nights! Wayyy back in February, Brennan, Erica, and I won a dinner and t-shirt making date with three stellar guys from the BCM. We had to push it back a couple of times, and Brennan and Larry had to miss out, but the other four of us had a blast Sunday night! First we had legit fried rice with pork, made by my favorite ABC (American Born Chinese) Eddy…

Why yes, we did just stick four forks into the bowl...

Then we headed outside to make t-shirts using spray paint and poster board as our design tools. Erica and I went back and forth stealing each other’s ideas, and both ended up with two way cool t-shirts, a few of which have some strong 80s vibes going on. (I do love the 80s!)We may or may not have left a little neon paint on the sidewalk. Let’s go with not – that wasn’t us at all. It was such fun to just hang out and let our crafty sides loose while we got to know each other better. And the money we paid goes to summer missions, so it’s a win-win! That date went down as one of the best ever, so the next guy I go on a date with is going to have some stiff competition. “Cause dinner + movie = so overrated!!”

Wearing our matching tees for Monday lunch!

I’m thankful for a getting to hang out with a great group of girls at the Broadmoor DNow last weekend! I probably won’t write a post just about the DNow, but I had a lot of fun getting to know the middle and high school girls of Broadmoor. We had spa night and went to the mall and talked about God’s faithfulness over some frozen yogurt. I’m glad this DNow was local so I can visit the girls again!

Eating chocolate covered strawberries until their little tummies were happy!

I’m thankful for friends who send motivation! On Monday, I posted a status to Facebook about needing a little motivation. Half an hour later, I had this…

Jacob Allen, friend and motivator.

Though he claims the motivation was actually sent from this guy…

Sweet Frankie sent me some love!

That gave me a push to study all Monday and Tuesday, and I’m pretty sure I rocked my test Wednesday night. Thanks Frankie (And Jacob Allen) for the motivation!!

I’m thankful for meeting next year’s freshmen! High school seniors are on campus this week for Spring Orientation, and I get to hang out with them tonight! I’m excited to start these relationships and hopefully get to know them even better once they’re students here in the fall.

These are just a few things I’m thankful for this week! Life is good.


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