Thankful Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’m thankful for a week with no exams! I had no tests at all this week, just some homework and quizzes, so I was able to relax and hang out a little more than usual.

I’m thankful for this song on repeat. 

I had not thought of this song in several years, but then I remembered it suddenly last weekend, and it’s been in my head ever since.  It just makes me want to dance!!

I’m thankful for the stories of those who have done life before me. Today I had the opportunity to eat lunch with a well-known missionary doctor.  Dr. Naylor was a surgeon at a missionary hospital in India for 30 years, and now works stateside, sending out medical missionaries.  She had such a testimony of God’s faithfulness and protection, and told many stories of day-to-day life as a missionary and surgeon.

I’m thankful I get to go see friends perform in OKLAHOMA! tonight! The BCM is putting on a dinner theater this weekend to raise money for summer missions.  Tonight is the student show, so I’m going to do my part and support the students who have put lots of work into the show, and support the students who will serve as missionaries this summer.  I’ve caught glimpses of songs and costumes and sets, so I’m really excited to see it!


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