A Weekend of Fun!

Since I have no exams at all this week, last weekend I decided would be just for fun, and I had lots of fun! It’s probably best to just go in order, so I’ll start with Friday:

Camping Trip! The BCM took a group of international and American students up to the Judson Retreat Center for a night of hiking, s’mores, and camping. Maddles and I took her car, and had a Chinese family in the car with us. They were so fun! We talked about football, basketball, New York City, prison (we drove by one!), high school, church, and answered prayers.  We arrived at the camp site about an hour before dark, and took the opportunity to go on a short hike before the sun went down.  After that, we set up tents and cots, then roasted hot dogs and played some “campy” games. We had a short time after that where we had to get to know someone that we didn’t already. I met Muhammed, who is from Saudi Arabia, but works from Spain, so we got to talk in Spanish some. He has a wife and children back in Saudi Arabia, and is here working on his PhD. He told me a little about Islam, and I got to share with him about God, and Jesus, and what it is that I believe in and how I know it’s true.  God really opened doors for incredible conversation!

After everyone visited for a little while, we made s’mores.  Several of the internationals had never had s’mores, but every person that tried them loved it so much they ate two or three!

I loved being out away from the city, because the air feels cleaner, there’s not a lick of traffic, and you can see the stars.  Maddles and I slept in the bed of a truck, because there weren’t enough cots, and we sure weren’t sleeping inside! As soon as everyone else went to bed, the cloud cover went away and we could see the Big Dipper, bright as anything.  I didn’t sleep too much and it got a little cooler than we expected, but it was refreshing all the same. The sun woke us up bright and early, so we helped clean up and headed back to Baton Rouge early Saturday morning.

Softball! Saturday afternoon, the LSU softball team played Mississippi State. LSU had won on Friday night, and they didn’t disappoint on Saturday.  It was a beautiful afternoon to cheer on the Lady Tigers.  We got to see Alex’s mom and three of her siblings, and see Dylan’s mom too. Dylan is moving in with us next year, once Caroline leaves us to go to nursing school.  The Tigers beat Miss. State 3-1, and went on to beat them 4-0 on Sunday to sweep the series.

A beautiful day at Tiger Park!

Movie night! After talking to my friend Kendall earlier in the week, we decided that Pride and Prejudice was just the movie we needed to watch for a girl’s movie night.  After the game on Saturday, a few people came over and we watched it.  Erica brought her popcorn maker. I’m usually not a huge popcorn eater, but that was good, way better than microwave popcorn! We laughed and swooned at Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly version) and had a nice, relaxing evening.

First Snocone of the Season! Yes, that is a major event around here. Even after two summers working in a snocone stand, they’re still my favorite summer treat.  Since temperatures rose into the 80s last week, the local stands have started to open up.  There’s a great one within walking distance of my apartment.  Erica lives at the complex next to mine, so we went for a 4-mile run/walk before snocones, and then Kendall met us at the stand.  I got my all-time favorite, strawberry cheesecake, and it was delicious!! We sat around and took our time eating them, and I kept having to remind myself that this wasn’t yet a summer evening, that it’s only March.

2012 - first snocone of the season!

Kendall (far right) and I are making tradition out of this – we got our first snocones together last year too, after a crazy goose chase that led us all over Baton Rouge!

2011 - first snocones!

March Madness! The final big event of the weekend was going to the LSU women’s first round basketball game. I hadn’t been to a women’s game this season, but this seemed like the perfect time to start! The Tigers played SDSU, who had a very strange mascot. He was an Aztec, and didn’t have much clothing on.  The game was close, and the Lady Tigers came out on top! They play Penn State tonight, so I’m going to cheer them on again.

Geaux Tigers!

All in all, I had a great weekend. I made new friends, got closer to old friends, and just took time to relax.  It’s back to the school-work grind until spring break, but I’m very glad I took a weekend to just have a little fun!


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