A Crumb is Enough.

Ok, this will be a new type of post, but I was inspired by Erica (read her blog over here!) to share what I’ve taken away from a Bible reading. It all makes sense in my head, I only hope that it translates well to writing.

Tonight at Consume (that’s the college Bible study at my church) we were talking about Matthew 15:21-28.  At first read, it looks like Jesus is being rather rude to the Canaanite woman. She came to Him crying out for help, calling Lord, Son of David, because her daughter was demon possessed. He says that He came only to for the lost sheep specifically.  She cries out again, and He says that you wouldn’t take bread from the children to feed it to the dogs. She replies, saying that even dogs get some crumbs from the master’s table. Jesus then tells her that He can see her great faith, and that her plea is granted.

I think the disciples were really surprised by this.  If I were in their shoes, I would have been taken aback with Jesus’ response to this woman – and then to say that she had great faith! The woman was not Jewish, and that is important here.  Jesus is showing the disciples that even the people they look down on are still worthy of love, forgiveness, and acceptance by the Father.

What stands out to me the most here is the woman. She searches Jesus out, and calls him “Lord, Son of David.” She knew who He was. Her response to Him spoke volumes about her faith. She knew that even a crumb’s worth of mercy and forgiveness and healing would be enough for her – that would be all she needed.  I feel like sometimes I am like that in prayer – that I just need the smallest amount of grace, mercy, and love today, and that will be enough. That’s how big my God is – that even a scrap of Him is more than enough – just have faith.

A crumb is enough.

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