Thankful Thursday!!

I almost wasn’t going to write a Thankful Thursday today, but then my friend Erica started doing her own Thankful Thursday, so I can’t let her show me up! She blogs over here. You should totally check it out! So, jumping right in…

I’m thankful to be done with midterms! I have had 4 tests in the last week. There was a little yelling, a few tears, a lack of sleep, and a lot of prayer. I still have another on Tuesday, but I’m over the biggest chunk!

I’m thankful that I am now a half-marathon finisher! I never thought this would be possible, and still don’t believe it really happened sometimes.  I’m working on a recap of the whole race, but for now, here’s a fun finisher picture!

I’m thankful for squirrels, dinosaurs, and flowers. In my cram session today, all three of those things made for great study partners – they don’t talk or really cause any distractions!

One of the famous LSU squirrels!
How can midterms be so bad with scenery like this?
He's a silent, thoughtful type.

I’m thankful to be going home this weekend! I’m headed home tomorrow afternoon, just in time to see Natalie Grant in concert.  That just starts the weekend of fun, because I’m doing a 5k on Saturday and seeing the Zac Brown Band on Sunday! I’ll still have to study and do homework, but being with my family and puppy will make things much better.

Happy Thursday!!


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