Thankful Thursday!

My plan is to make myself write at least a short post more often, since I only seem to be getting out longer posts once a week. So Thankful Thursday is back!

I’m thankful for getting to spend extra time at the BCM lately. The time isn’t always productive, but I believe that fellowship and real talk are good for reviving the spirit. Time is going so fast, and these relationships matter more than an extra few minutes of studying or being on Facebook.

I’m thankful for a good lab partner. I’ve had the “smarter than everyone including the TA” lab partner, the “completely clueless” lab partner, and the “so busy I can hardly function” lab partner. This semester, I finally have a great lab partner – we work together during the lab, we communicate outside of lab, and I’m about to go meet her to study for our midterm. She ‘mothers’ me a little bit sometimes, but I don’t mind at all.

I’m thankful for the AMAZING weather. Spring has arrived in BR! I’ve officially switched from my fall/winter perfume to my spring/summer scent, and there’s no going back now. It was supposed to storm all week, but instead we’ve had gorgeous and warm weather. I never really believe those weather forecasts anyway. I just hope this holds through the weekend, since race weekend is upon us!

I’m thankful for having “I wanna dance with somebody” by Ben Rector on repeat. You’re missing out if you haven’t heard it. Go here and listen to your heart’s content.

I’m thankful for fresh fruit. Having a yummy snack makes physics class a teensy bit better.

That’s all for today! What are you thankful for?


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