Birthdays, and softball, and interviews, Oh My!

I’m still here, promise. I’ve been back at school for nearly a week now, and things really haven’t slowed down. Last Friday, I helped out with packet pick-up at Fleet Feet Sports for the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k. With over 2500 people signed up, things never slowed down! Seeing that side of a race was a new experience; so much goes into preparing and executing a race. The t-shirts and finisher medallions had great designs, but I unfortunately wasn’t able to run the race. Saturday morning, I had chose to take a practice MCAT exam, just to get the diagnostics of how well I would do if I took it now. I’m currently looking into a plan to prepare to take that test Jan 2013, but I won’t bore you with details and pre-med chatter.

The weekend was also full of one of my fave spring sporting events: softball! They played four games over the weekend. One we watched on TV, and then we went to two. I must say, the weather only decides to become windy and frigid when there are home softball games. I was glad we had our sweatshirt blanket handy!

Ignore that boys shoe; I can't figure out how to crop it out!

Supak and Boulet, watching the game. I took this pic because they looked the same height, since Dylan was not standing up on the ledge.

After playing decoy all day Saturday, I finally got to get dressed in my best 80s flashdance attire and headed over to a surprise party for this girl:

She took full advantage of the rule that says calories don't count on your birthday.

Jacob and I helped keep her away from her apartment, then they left me so I could get ready and get to her apartment for the surprise.  She had figured a few things out, but not all of it. Her roomie/party planner had some of her friends come in from Lafayette and Dallas, which was a huge surprise!

Birthday girl and party planner!

Everyone came dressed in their best decade wear, and we played Just Dance and laughed until we were worn out. (For me that meant 11pm!). Of course, you can’t just dress up and not take a few fun pics:

Yes, I did already have all those clothes in my wardrobe.
One of my faves, because it's so everywhere.
"Show me your Tiger face!"

The party was such fun! Sunday was more softball, and studying. Monday, we started the interview process to get things in motion for our leadership team for the BCM for next school year. I know it’s not even mid-terms yet, but this year is going by so fast! It hit me today that I’m almost halfway done, yet so far from done all at the same time.  The last couple days have been rather rejuvenating, just spending time with people around the BCM, getting in some good laughs and fellowship. Some travel plans have also fallen into place for the next few months, and I can’t wait to share! We’re also now just a few days away from Rock’n’Roll New Orleans. I wish the race didn’t fall right before midterms, but I’m still going to try to enjoy everything about my first-ever half-marathon! I’ll try to post later this week about plans and outfits, but I will say that I’m getting nervous and excited. As per my usual mantra, I’m off to study! Lab midterm tomorrow.

Cooky wishes and cookie dreams,




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