Rock’n’Roll Training Continues!

After Friday’s 4-mile run, Saturday called for a two hour run. We went a little wild Friday night, with burgers, fries, AND I also had a root beer. I paid for it with a tummy ache all Friday night, so I was a little worried about Saturday’s run. Em, Stew, and I slept in until about 9am, then worked on homework until noon. It was a warm day, so I was able to run in Nike shorts and a dry-fit tee. There are several lakes in the LSU lake system, so the plan was to run around the two main ones for a six mile loop and then around the bigger one, for a four mile loop, a total of 10 miles. Like Friday, there were lots of people out and about, because it was such great weather. Favorite sightings: a dog in a stroller (no kid), two girls with wolves on leashes, and a guy on his skateboard being pulled by his dog.

A beautiful Louisiana afternoon!

I am trying to cut down on my walk breaks, so I ran the first twenty-five minutes nonstop. After a two minute power walk break, I ran the next thirty-three minutes nonstop. Like always, I ran the first half faster than the last, but at the end of the first hour, I was right on track at a 12 mins/mile pace. I passed Em and Stew as I started my loop around just the big lake. They were standing by our start point; I’m not entirely sure what they were doing. Resting maybe? Who knows! I found out after that Em only made it 4 miles before her foot hurt too bad to continue. I know that was frustrating, but she’s got a new plan for the rest of training that will be kinder on her foot. Stew ended up running an hour and a half, covering about 7 miles. They were waiting for me at the UREC when I finished.

But back to my last four miles – they went really well! I kept about the same pattern as the first 6 miles, and had only minimal discomfort in my legs. The only bad part was that all I could think about was getting some water. There are two water fountains along the path, and they’re oddly close together. Well, yesterday THEY DIDN’T WORK!!! My mouth was so dry. I just wanted water. City of BR, or LSU, whoever, if you’re reading this, PLEASE fix those water fountains. Pretty, pretty please.

I got back to the starting point, and stopped my watch and my RunKeeper.

Success! Longest run to date. Not the ten miles I had originally planned, but I was very happy with the results. I went straight to the UREC for water as soon as I was done. I had a little tightness in my knees after, but I used the foam roller a few times yesterday to work out some of the kinks. I’m getting really excited for RnRNola! Five weeks left!!!

After working on homework the rest of the afternoon, we made dinner to celebrate Hannah’s birthday! She turned the big 2-OH! I was in charge of the cake, and I must say, it was fabulous. We finished it off for breakfast this morning.


Today, I attempted a bike ride after church, but it ended quickly when my bike quit on me after a half mile. I need new tubes and brakes, so I’ll try again another day. The rest of today was spent catching up on homework and getting ready for the week ahead!


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