Getting into the Word! Calvary DNow 2012

Over Christmas break, I got an email asking if I wanted to help out with the Calvary Baptist Disciple-Now weekend, as a co-counselor for a group of girls. I had heard great things about this event, so of course I said yes! We loaded up Friday afternoon and headed out to Alexandria, about a 2 hour drive. We got there and checked in. I found out that I was partnered with Rebecca, my running partner from last semester, and we were going to teach the 7th grade girls and stay at the LaFleur home! After worship, we met the family and the girls – all 13 of them!

Luggage, luggage, and more luggage!

There was lots of luggage, mainly pink and Vera Bradley. It overflowed from the back of the pickup truck! Becca and I rode there, with Mr. Ross, and the girls piled into a 15-passenger van.

We arrived at the LaFleur house, unloaded, and settled in for a name game and a few Bible studies. I knew with the first question that the study and discussion time was not going to follow the lesson plan. We found out that three of the girls were of Catholic upbringing, and a fourth was Greek Orthodox. We let their questions lead the discussion, and they fully exhausted our knowledge of theology and the Bible. Thankfully, I have paid some attention to my roommates, so I was able to answer most of the questions about the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism. They asked us everything from the Bible’s views on drinking, how to become a Christian, where God came from, and everything in between. I loved that they were not shy, and their questions showed that they are searching for a closer walk with God. They were open, and honest, and for the most part, had serious questions. Also, during the lesson time, we were able to clear up some parts of the sermon that had gone over their heads.  I think people forget that some of these 12 year old girls don’t know the meaning of “chisel” and “lust.”  The studies were all about being grounded in the Word of God, so we put emphasis on that in the answers to all of their questions. I was definitely convicted in that I don’t know the Scripture well enough, and that I need to study it more.

Saturday after lunch, we took the girls and went to a local battered women’s shelter to do yard work. We were grouped with the 11th and 12th grade guys. I thought that was a little odd at first, but realized quickly that it was pure genius. The guys were old enough to be role models, and be looked at as cute, but too much older to worry about flirting with. Genius. The girls worked hard for the whole time we were out there. I was so proud of them. They raked and put leaves and sticks into bags while the guys mowed and weed-eated. They “glistened” some, but that made the showers during free time even better!

Saturday night, everyone was dressed nicely for worship, so we got in a group picture!

We're cute.

For the Bible study that night, Becca and I just shared our stories and opened up to the girls. We kept things short, and answered whatever lingering questions they had. After that, we just wanted time to fellowship and bond with the girls. Mrs. Christy, the host mom, had arranged for us to have cupcakes to decorate, and they went to town! The pictures tell the story best, I think.

Erin, our star swimmer!
Sweet Christian carefully decorated hers!
Ella had too much fun decorating!
"I'm enjoying this! Now is not the time to be a lady!"
So much icing and sprinkles!

The girls were all asked to bring their favorite snacks, so all weekend it was nothing but what Becca and I like to call the “7th grade girl diet.” Icing, Mountain Dew, goldfish, chocolate, and sprinkles. So much of it! I needed a diet detox afterward. I certainly couldn’t handle that kind of eating very often.

We ate real healthy.

In all, it was a great weekend! Great girls, good lessons, and God’s word. We said bye to the girls Sunday morning, but have plans to visit Alexandria in a couple weeks.


Miss you girls already!

If you follow me on Twitter, I made sure to post some of their funniest quotes from this weekend! (#dnowquotes) Lastly, here’s a great video from the Skit Guys. Remember, you are God’s unique creation!



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