I lost my “fast”!

Today was officially the last day of break, but it really didn’t feel like a break. I got up early to write some Thank You notes and have time to get my run in before my afternoon volunteer shift at the cancer center. I got all my notes addressed, then put on my running clothes. I must say, I was excited to be back in a place where I can run on sidewalks.  It greatly decreased my chances of being hit by a car. The weather today was very spring-like, with temps in the 60s. I started off, and decided to try a 1 min walk/4 min run combination, just to try something new. Well, today I felt like a sloth. My legs hurt before my lungs even got tired. I didn’t ever lose my breath today, but my legs about gave out. I don’t know what happened to my “fast.” I seemed to have lost it somewhere over Christmas break. My runs during finals week, I averaged a 10:44 – 11:00 minute pace.  Lately, I can’t seem to get out of the 12s! Nothing in my pattern has changed, except I’ve added in the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day shred workouts. That certainly does work my legs in ways they aren’t normally worked. I know that it’s inevitable I will be a little slower at longer distances, but this losing 2 mins in pace doesn’t fly with me.  I think I’ll lay off the JM workouts this week to see if that helps my legs feel a little more rested for running. My iphone also went berserk while I was running today, which just added to the frustration. I ended up walking the last mile back home, where I went directly to the shower to get over it. I’m now six weeks away from my first ever half-marathon, and I’m just frustrated. At least the day ended well, since I got to see all my BCM friends at leadership tonight.

Here’s to hoping my first day of classes goes well tomorrow!


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