Back in the Red Stick!

Lots of big news happening around here! First thing, I got my computer back safe and sound.  It was the hard drive after all, so that was under the Apple Care Warranty. I’m really glad I purchased the extended warranty! The computer tech called me Friday morning to tell me that it was totally fixable, but there would be a small charge for them to restore all my data. In the end, I decided to have them do it. It was worth the money to not lose all my documents, photos, and iTunes info.

I had an early dermatologist appointment Friday morning, so I went back home and took a nap, partially because it was way to chilly to go for a run by the river.  I napped twice as long as I meant to, meaning I didn’t have enough time for a full 8-mile run. I decided to do 4 miles instead. This ended up being a good choice, since I had only run 2 miles since my last 8-miler. Those details are not exciting, however. What is exciting is that around mile 2, I stumbled across a movie set. I don’t know what movie it was because the yellow signs only had an “S” on them. I’m doing a little research though, so maybe I can find out what it was.  There was tents, trailers, and lots of cars. (Update: The movie was “Snitch” with The Rock and Susan Sarandon and the cute agent from Miss Congeniality!!!!!) When I was coming back, the police had one whole side of the parkway closed down.  There were extras in their cars, parked about 50 ft apart,  waiting for a cue to go. There was also a motorcycle looking contraption with cameras mounted around it.  I couldn’t tell if there were actually people on the contraption, or just test dummies.  I spent so much time gawking that my pace was terribly slow.  I really wanted to take a picture of that part, but the police officer was looking at me funny.

Set of "Snitch"

After my run, I went by my grandmother’s to finish up my outfit for the RnRNola – no pictures until race day, but I will say there are sparkles involved! After that, I picked up my sister from school. I got to see this lovely new addition to our town:

Haughton is moving up in the world!

Friday night was dinner with the fam at a new sushi place.  I’m the only one who can even kind of use chopsticks, so it was hilarious to watch them attempt to eat salad with them.

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early to finish “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” since I was reading it from my dad’s Kindle. Then it was Time to Pack. All caps, because packing is a daunting task. Two and a half hours later, I finally had my car packed up. I didn’t bring this much stuff home with me! I guess Christmas and shopping trips really added to the list of things I had to bring back.

This doesn't even show hanging clothes or groceries.

Of course, the packing and loading turned out to be the easy part compared to unloading and unpacking.  My room here is smaller than my room at home, so I have to be more strategic in my clothing/decor placement. I got everything mostly unpacked and then my lower rack in my closet broke. Yuk. I’ve got to report that into maintenance soon. I worked out with Jillian Michael’s this morning, then went to church. I went to campus after to pick up my textbooks.  You would think that $275 worth of textbooks would be a nice, thick stack of scholarly goodness. Not exactly.

"Specially Printed for Louisiana State University" aka "We can charge you an arm and a leg"

A notebook, a lab book, and a very small Spanish book. I better learn a lot from these things! Also, we broke out our new waffle maker and made some amazingly delicious chocolate chip waffles tonight for dinner.  We ate them so fast that I didn’t even take a picture. That made the looming semester a little better. Regardless, it’s time to lounge around and watch Friends while I can.


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