Proud to be an LSU Tiger

Last night was The Game.  I would really rather not talk about the game itself, but I’ll share about the party! We hosted a small party with some awesome chili, immaculately decorated cupcakes, and plenty of chips and dip.

It wouldn't be party without purple and gold icing!

I had too much fun coloring the icing and decorating cupcakes! One of our party guests also brought a cute cookie cake, and my dad (the Arkansas native/fan) even got into the spirit with the LSU mohawk hat.

Forever LSU!

I had on my game day earrings (fleur-de-lis with a purple and gold paw in the middle), a purple and gold scarf, and my purple Toms.  Everyone came dressed in their LSU finest!


The Sunday newspaper had an insert all about the game! It contained a rundown of the season for both teams, a great article about how Lee is the forgotten quarterback, and game predictions.

Round Two.

The game started. I don’t know enough technical football terms to really discuss the game, but it was sad. It was embarassing. It was heartbreaking to see Jarrett Lee on the sidelines with a bummed look on his face.  He lead the team to the first 8 wins of the season, posting phenomenal statistics, and didn’t even get a chance to play in the National Championship or the SEC Championship. Except for that embarrassing “take a knee” play against UGA. Les Miles may have forgotten you, Jarrett Lee, but the fans haven’t. I wish you had gotten your chance to shine. I don’t know where the 13-0 team was last night, but they didn’t show up to the Dome. 5 first downs? Less than 100 yards? Sounds like a high school JV team.

This mornings headlines summed things up pretty well. But at the end of the day, I am still very proud to say that I am a Tiger.  I wore my purple and gold today unashamed. There may have been a disappointing football game, but that doesn’t take away from the outstanding academics that LSU provides. I can’t wait to head back next week. Time to cheer on the softball, baseball, and gymnastics teams! LSU: A place that will get in your blood and stay forever. Geaux Tigers!




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