We saw history made!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! My family’s big treat this year was this:

Going to the Dome!

Five tickets to the New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons Monday Night Football game! We loaded up the car early Monday morning for the 5 1/2 hour drive to New Orleans.  We had a hotel room in downtown Nola, about a mile from the Superdome. We checked in, changed from our traveling clothes to our game clothes and set out to find a place to eat.  It was raining when we first left the hotel, but it stopped after a few minutes so we stuck with our plan to walk. But while it rained, we sure were a sight to see with our jackets held over our heads! We ended up here, a place called Pie, Pizza, and Pastas.  It was very good! We ordered two large pizzas, and that was plenty for the five of us.

After we ate, we started the mile walk up to the Superdome. It seemed like everyone in the city was decked out in their black and gold and walking towards the Superdome. Rockin’ Dopsie was playing in Champions Square, outside the Dome, so we walked through and listened for a few minutes, and of course took a few pictures!

Me, Olivia, and Whit in our "game day attire"

There were some…interestingly dressed people headed into the game. All sorts of wild and crazy costumes – certainly more than you see at an LSU game! We got a picture with MadHatter and Batwoman:

Only two of the crazy characters!

The doors opened at 5:30, so we started making our way to our gate. I *thought* there were only 4 gates, and since we were already by Gate C, we headed towards Gate D, thinking that our gate (A) would be just past it. I was a little bit off – we passed gates E,F,G, and H before finally getting to our gate, which was nearly where we started. Ooops!

We got inside and made our way up to the Terrace level and trekked to our seats. We were one row from the top, and sort of catty-cornered to one of the end zones. (Don’t ask me north or south – I have no earthly idea.)

The view from our seats!

We were up crazy high, which meant we could see everything going on. Once we got in, we had about two hours until kickoff, so we did what any normal person with a smartphone would do: take silly pictures!

Completely normal, right?

The game got started right on time, with the perfect amount of “boo”ing when the Dirty Birds came on the field. There’s also a pretty awesome tunnel that the Saints run through to come onto the field, accompanied by smoke and fireworks and the Saintsations in their Christmas hats.

Here they come!


The game started off strong, with the Saints taking an early lead. The best part was when we heard in the 4th quarter that Drew Brees was only 30 some odd yards away from breaking the record for the most passing yards in a single season.  Towards the end of the game, HE DID IT!! He broke a record that had been standing for nearly thirty years. We saw a video of the speech he gave in the locker room after the game, and it was amazing. It was all about “we” and the team as a whole, and how everyone played a part in helping him break the record. He is such a humble man, and it was incredible to be there to witness history being made. On top of him breaking the record, the Saints also clinched the division title and a home playoff game for the first round of playoffs.

"Breaking that record was a Brees!"

My first time in the Superdome and my first NFL game – it was quite a night! It was a pretty great Christmas gift.



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