Christmas Eve: Sweat, Cookies, Family, and old photos

Merry Christmas! It’s a cold and rainy Christmas Eve here in North Louisiana, so it’s a good thing Santa has Rudolph’s bright and shiny nose to light the way tonight ;). I learned today that you can search “Santa” on your iPhone map, and it will tell you just where the NORAD tracker says Santa currently is! One of my favorite things to do on Christmas Eve is to read all the fun facts about the different places that Santa stops, according to NORAD.

I started the morning off with a chilly run down by the river. The plan called for a 75 minute run, so my goal was run at least 6.5 miles. I wore my new Nike Pro neon blue compression tights. They’re my new favorites! Even though it is Christmas Eve, there were lots of other people out running this morning. I started the first mile strong, hitting an 11 minute pace. I slowed down a little bit as I went on, but was pleased with the the overall results.

6.5 miles done! Farthest distance yet.

My pace for each mile was pretty consistent, which is good for me! I want to run the RnRNOLA at an 11 minute pace, so I have some work to do. I made sure to stretch well last night so I wasn’t anywhere near as sore for this run as I was for my last long run. And I didn’t lose my keys or gloves this time!

Hot Chocolate with peppermint marshmallows! Perfect post-run snack to defrost my cold self.

After showering up, it was time to head to Homer, LA for Freeman Family Christmas! We used to spend every single Christmas Eve with mom’s side of the family, but didn’t for the past few years for various reasons. This year, tradition is back!

Olivia, Mama, and Me! Dressed and ready to go.

Our recent favorite holiday game is White Elephant, sometimes known as Dirty Santa.  We had a mix of gag gifts and good gifts this year. My family’s contribution: an Inflatable Turkey, a Holy Toast stamp, a Disney puzzle, and a Thighs of Steel 2 video tape.  Thighs of Steel was my personal favorite. My 20 year-old cousin Cameron ended up with it – he was enthused, really. (Not!). I kept opening good gifts that kept getting stolen! I ended up with an Oscar the Grouch t-shirt, Laffy Taffy, and Cry Baby sour gum. Not too bad! The family watched football, chased the toddler, ate too many sweets, and just had an all-around good time. My aunt had pulled out old pictures for everyone, so I’ll leave you with this picture of me from 1997…

I'm on the right, both of us barefoot and not a shoe in sight!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 




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