Thankful Thursday!

Thursday again!! Whoop whoop!

I’m thankful for baking cookies. Tuesday night, my mom called and asked what I wanted to do for the evening. I had no plans at all, so she suggested making some cookies from scratch. I found this wonderful recipe on Pinterest, and it even had an easy icing recipe too. We made a double batch of cookies and five different colors of icing! They were so yummy. My grandmother and I used to make tea cakes all the time, using cookie cutters, so it brought back good memories to do that again. We didn’t know what to do with 8 dozen beautifully iced cookies, so Mom took them down to the Christmas celebration at the day shelter downtown. She said they were quite a hit!

Some of the end product!

I’m thankful for being able to run. Today’s miles were tough, but I was able to run them freely. I have two legs that works and that’s enough to be grateful for!

I’m thankful for my long Christmas break. Five weeks is ridiculously long for a Christmas break. I’m two weeks in, with three to go, but it’s good to be home and relax and not have anywhere to be.

I’m thankful I finally got some peppermint bark. And it’s Ghirardelli – yum!

I’m thankful that all my Christmas shopping is done! If I go into town tomorrow, it will be just to wander around, with no mission in sight.

This is a short and sweet thankful post. What are you thankful for this holiday?



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