Too many rest days.

Last Friday, my mom and I headed down to the riverfront to run the trails there.  My training plan called for a 70 minute run, and the trails along the river cover 8 miles, so I knew there would be more than enough distance for me to get my time in. I started off slow with a plan to go 35 mins out and back. I started out slow, hoping to do the second half faster than the first. In the first half, I got just past the 3-mile mark on the trail. I turned around and headed back to the start of the trail, hoping to do the second half a little faster.  I noticed my dropped car key on the way back, thankfully, and scooped it up and kept going.  But my legs felt like lead the whole time. I felt heavy and groggy the whole time, and I couldn’t understand why.  I ended up running 6 miles in 70 mins, for an 11:45 pace.  At first, I was just disappointed about how slow the run was. Then I had to remind myself that I had just run 6 MILES! That is the longest distance I have ever run. I’ve come a long way in the last six months.

After that run, I walked funny the rest of the day, and could certainly feel it the next day. Saturday was full of Christmas celebrations, with my family’s annual Christmas party and an afternoon with the homeless of downtown Shreveport. Sunday was birthday parties, and visiting family friends. Justin and Lindsey just got married this summer, and they stopped through on their way from MS to TX for Christmas. I hadn’t seen them since their wedding, so it was fun to spend the afternoon with them! We ate lunch, shopped, and had frozen yogurt.

Lindsey, Justin, Olivia, and me

I had every intention of running on Monday, but then I just was not motivated in the least bit. So today I promised myself that I would go run, so I wouldn’t undo everything I have worked towards up to this point. So I slept in, had lunch with my sister, then laced up my shoes and headed into town to go to one of the parks with jogging trails. I knew it was going to be slow going since I hadn’t run in three days, but WHOA was I a lot more sore than I thought I would be. The first mile was almost painful, before the kinks worked out. After that, things flowed a little better, but I still felt super sore the whole time. I kept pushing and ended up running about 3.5 miles in 42 minutes, right at 12 mins/mile.  Not my slowest time, but not my fastest either. I think if I had only taken 1-2 recovery days after my long run, things would have gone a little smoother, but I really can’t say for sure, since I’m new at all of this. I’m determined to keep on going, and hopefully I’ll be back at the 10:40 pace that I was at last week. I guess this is the part of training where it starts to get hard!

I’m off to stretch and make some Christmas sugar cookies. Yum!


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