It’s Finals Week!

It’s Day One of Finals Week. I have slept, eaten, and bathed recently, so I’m bounds ahead of many other students.  I have three tests over the next three days, so I’m kicking it into gear for what will hopefully be my best college GPA yet. The bigger news around here though is this:


LSU will be playing the University of Alabama Crimson Tide for the National Championship on January 9! You better believe we’re pumped.  We already beat Bama once, on their turf, and since this game is in the Superdome, it’s basically going to be a home game for LSU. I don’t really want a rematch, but there’s no changing it. Either way, I’m pretty excited to go. We’ll know by the end of the week whether we got tickets or not. Be sure to check out this “LSU Championship Bounce” video all about LSU going to the championship!

For now though, I have to focus on my studies. Organic Chemistry tomorrow, Genetics on Wednesday, and Statistics on Thursday, then I’m done.  I am going to get in a couple of runs in the next few days, because my body will need it after sitting and staring so much. After this week, it’ll be back to running and eating better. During finals, I tend to just eat what is convenient, which does not equal healthy most of the time.  No worries, I won’t be like that guy, because I don’t plan on studying in the library. It’s too tense and everyone is on a caffeine overlaod.

Happy Finals Week to everyone! (Or a normal week for all you non-college people!)


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