First Official Day of Training!

For the last 25 weeks, my half marathon training app has had me in the “pre-training” mode.  I skipped some runs here and there, due to being at some ridiculous elevation where I couldn’t breathe, or running on three hours of sleep as a camp counselor. BUT, I’ve mostly stuck to the plan and run what it told me to.  No run has been more than an hour, up to this point.  Since this is basically a couch-to-half program, it started me off slow to build a good base for the real and more intense training.

Which started today! This morning called for a 35:00 min run, which really seems like an awkward time. It was very cold this morning! And due to the lack of running and the amount of food consumed in the last week, we took it nice and slow.  Like a 14 min pace slow. And I didn’t feel very good at all this morning. But I think it’s ok.  I don’t want to start off too strong and get hurt.  I must say though, I’m nervous. To think that in just under 14 weeks I’ll be running a half marathon is a little intimidating.  To this point, I’ve never run more than 5 miles, which is less than half of a half! I’m worried that my legs will give out, or my feet will hurt, or not be able to get past a certain number of miles.  But what is hope is that it’s just hard enough to be challenging, and I beast every run, suffer through the bad runs, and run a fun race! My only goal here really is just to finish.  Because what’s better than an awesome 13.1 sticker on the back of your car? Not much, as far as car accessories go.

Any advice for me as I start up the real deal training? 


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