Thankful Thanksgiving Thursday!

It’s Thanksgiving! I’ve spent the whole day at home (cause that’s where I am!!!) eating and visiting and that’s about it. I did get in a short run this morning however. I was going to run a little longer, but I realized that the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was about to start, so I cut it a little short. Valid reason I think – I mean, the balloons only come out once a year!

I’ m thankful for food and family. I know that’s two things, but around here, they go hand in hand. Today we had about 20 family members over to eat more food than we knew what to do with. My entire family only gets together once or twice a year, and it’s an event that has decibel levels that you wouldn’t believe. My mom has three brothers and a sister, which means I have twelve first cousins. My dad’s parents also came.

Today, I discussed everything from the education system, to Pinterest, to Bolivia and international travel. They all stayed a lot longer than normal, which was nice! All we missed was the baby, and a couple other cousins, but not having them for Thanksgiving means that we get them for Christmas.

No even half of the food. And every last dish was delicious.

I’m thankful for my sister. She’s younger than me and my goal for most of my life was to give her a hard time, which she promptly returned. We’ve had our share of arguments over the years, but most of the time we get along. She has always loved to try on my clothes, and then either take them, or leave them tossed on the floor in my room. This was the source of most of our arguments when I was in high school! She’s becoming quite a young lady. She turns 16 in a few weeks and is soooo excited. I remember being that pumped about starting to drive!

I even let her wear my skirt today! Progress, no?

I’m thankful for getting to see my puppy. He’s a year old now; I got him right before Christmas last year. I miss him a lot when I’m gone, and I can tell that he doesn’t recognize me anymore really. The first month I had him, he was constantly by my side and his kennel was even in my room. But since dorms don’t allow dogs, he had to stay behind. But that means extra loving when I’m home! The only trick he knows is to give kisses, and he does it well.

Sweet Gumbeax wanted some turkey and dressing, too!

I’m thankful I’m Southern. See the first photo. Need I say more?

I’m thankful for Black Friday shopping! Haven’t missed a Friday in over ten years. It’s fabulous bonding time.

I’m thankful that I’m home!! Have I mentioned that lately? Well, just in case I haven’t: I’M HOME!

What are you thankful for this holiday season?


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