This flat-footed runner goes shoe shopping!

My training plan called for a 15 min run this morning, nice and easy before the “real” training kicks in next week. Ha! My feet thought otherwise.  A few mins in, my feet were screaming.  I ran through it and finished my slow, slow run. I got home and took off  my shoes and realized that there were holes worn through in the heels and under the arch! Guess that’s a sign for some new shoes.

This just screams "SHOPPING TRIP!!"

Mom, my sister, and I (I’m home by the way!!) headed over to our local running store, Sportspectrum. They were having a tent sale outside, so I tried on a few pairs and found a pair that was comfortable. I wanted to see what the shoe-fitting people had to say, so I took them inside and asked their opinion.  The peppy girl took one look at my feet and said, “Oh girl, you need motion control.  I can tell just looking (I still had my shoes on). Your feet, they turn in.  If I were to kick a soccer ball at your ankle, it would break.  We get people coming in here all the time with broken ankles because they don’t have motion control shoes when they need them. Don’t worry, we have some that are cute. They don’t look like grandma shoes at all.”

My sad, turned out feet.
Flatter than pancakes, and rolling in!

And so she brings me a pink and orange pair of Mizuno Wave Alchemy motion control shoes. I put them on, and they feel great! I walked around the store some, and could tell that my feet weren’t rolling in at all. The sales girl told me that she wears Mizuno, and they last her about eight months, which sounds really good. My last pair was probably ten months old, but I stretched them a little farther than I should have. I fell in love with these, so Mom bought them for me as an early Christmas present, and I wore them out of the store!

Now, I must say that I didn’t expect it to be this easy. I knew I would hear a semi-shocked remark from the sales person as to just how flat my feet are.  I also have a narrow heel, which makes all shoe shopping a little difficult.  But  to try on just three pairs and walk out with one perfect for my feet? Whoa. It was great.  I’ll definitely continue to go to my local running store to buy shoes.

Had to take a pic to show my roomies!

One more thing! Remember when I blogged about Karen’s DetermiNation Raffle? Well, the day I wrote the blog post, I won! I picked the SportHooks 5-hook medal display. I had it shipped to my house, instead of where I live in Baton Rouge. (Have I mentioned that I’m home? Cause I AM!).  It came in a few days ago, and I’m super excited to get it hung up and put my couple medals up.

My awesome new medal display!

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