Run for the Nations! (Race Recap)

I mentioned that I was participating in this race a week or two ago. Run for the Nations was a 1 mile/5k race to raise money for our summer and Christmas student missionaries. I love racing for a good cause, so I was pretty excited to do this race with all my BCM friends.

Registration was smooth. We were all preregistered, and just had to pay and get our numbers.

BJ getting his number!

Everyone was encouraged to put together a team and come out and run. So with a little persuading, I got a team together Here we are, in all our pre-run semi-awakeness:

The race started at the LSU Parade Grounds, with the 1 mile race starting at 730 and the 5k starting at 8. Two of our team members were doing the 1-mile and the other 7 were doing the 5k, so we all got there early to cheer everyone on. I didn’t know that there were team prizes until a couple days ago, when the girl in charge told me that our team was picked to win!

Shannon and Caroline crossing the finish line for the 1-mile!

After they finished the 1-mile race, we stretched and got ready for the 5k. I was pretty excited and may or may not have jumped the gun a little bit. It was a great run! We started at the parade grounds, went down towards the fraternity houses, by the lakes, back up to Tiger Stadium, finally finishing back at the parade grounds. The Baton Rouge PD were out to block off the streets, and there were some great sign holders with neon signs to show which way to go! I used my RunKeeper app to know my pace and time.

Brennan crossing the finish line!
Me crossing the finish line and rocking my 90s neon shorts!

It turns out that there were some issues with race mapping, and even though the race organizers had help from the local police, it was only a 2.5 mile loop. The fastest male finished in about 17 mins, and the fastest female finished in about 22 mins. She was one of my teammates, of course.

Jenna and Colby - she got first place for the females!

I finished in 26:49, which was about a 10:40 pace. It felt pretty good! I took two 1-1/2 minute walk breaks, and didn’t stop for the one water break. I did the first mile in 10:00, second mile in 12:02, and the last half mile at a 10:20 pace. I’m not sure why I slowed down so much for the second mile. Maybe the first mile time scared me a little bit.

What I would have done differently:

-I wore too much clothing today! I saw the 53 degree temp for race time, and put on a layer too many. I would have probably left on the leggings, but lost the jacket. Since I pinned my race number over my jacket zipper, I couldn’t even take it off mid-race without stopping to take off my number.

-I would have pushed a little harder. The pace today was good for me, but I realized as I was running the last few yards that I had a lot more in me.

What I liked about the race:

-I like how fast I started out! It felt good.

-I liked the race course! Nothing like running through the absolutely gorgeous LSU campus.

-I liked running with friends! I knew most of the people running the race, and it was for a great cause! You can’t really ask for more than that.

Will I do this race next year? Absolutely!


One thought on “Run for the Nations! (Race Recap)

  1. Oh the frustration of pinning a race number over a zipper! LOL! 🙂 Good job running! It’s always nice knowing that you are running for a good cause.

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