A slow run

Today called for a 30 minute run, covering at least 2 miles. I was a little disoriented when my alarm went off at 530, but I figured it out, got up, and headed out the door. On Monday, I did the same 30/2 mile combo, and I was pretty happy with the pace (we did 2.7 miles in the 30 mins). I felt good at the end of that run, so I was hoping to have shorter walk breaks and pick up the pace today.
Until I started running. My calves were a tiny bit sore from Monday, but I was able to run that out in the first few mins. The problem today was my feet
Now, my feet are flatter than pancakes and have some pronation issues. The flatness has caused me pain my whole life, but lately things have been good. I have a good shoe with stability control and arch support. I know theres a lot of data out there that says super-supportive shoes aren’t as good, but it is what works for me currently. When I’m moving at a pretty quick pace, my feet don’t bother me at all, but today if I slowed down or walked at all, they were screaming. I have a long run and a race this weekend, so I really need my feet to cooperate with me, just until I can get some new shoes, hopefully in the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to tell the tales of my shoe shopping, because that’s always quite an adventure. I really hope new shoes will fix the problem, though I do know that losing a few pounds will also help the issue.
So, it was a slow run, but I’m grateful that I can run. I did have some pain and discomfort, but it wasn’t enough to keep me from running. I also got to view the beautiful sunrise the God painted this morning. All in all, it’s been a good day, and there will be better runs to come!



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