How You Can Fight Cancer!

Cancer is a touchy subject. Everyone’s been touched by it.  If you haven’t yet, you’re one of the fortunate few.  Spring semester 2011, three people very dear to me lost their fights with cancer.  Three. In a four month span.  It’s still a little hard to fathom.

Senior Military Ball - Jessie was in remission at this point! She fought so hard, but eventually lost her battle in May 2011.

Thankfully, organizations like the American Cancer Society exist. They want to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.  This year, I’m serving on the committee for Relay for Life here at LSU, hoping that I can make a drop of difference in the fight against cancer.  One of the other RunLA runners is doing something even harder – she’s running.  She’s running to raise money for those who can’t run, so that one day maybe they can.  Her race? The Rock’n’Roll New Orleans Marathon.  That’s right – the full marathon! Pretty impressive.  She running with the ACS DetermiNation team, and raising money by holding a pretty awesome raffle.  Go visit her blog and donate whatever you can! The drawings start today, and continue until all the prizes are gone. There will be 18 winners in all. She’s raffling everything from yoga mats to medal displays to funky running shirts.  So what are you waiting for? GO! Get on over to her blog, click the link, and donate to create a world with more birthdays!

The official sponsor of more birthdays.

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