Farthest distance yet! (And winter running clothes!)

Today started out nice and chilly as I got up at 5:20 for my morning run.

39 degrees!

39 degrees may not seem cold for some people, but in South Louisiana, that means it’s time to bust out the winter gear.  I’m so glad I went shopping last week and got some new running stuff! I knew last night that it would be cold this morning, so I planned my outfit based on some of the blog posts that I have read about winter running.  As someone who doesn’t like the cold, I was a mix of nervous and excited. So here’s what I wore:

Cheesy mirror pics are the best!

I started with some full length leggings (Target), a pair of Nike running shorts, a long-sleeve pink Reebok running shirt (Dick’s sporting goods), a running jacket (Reebok outlet), crochet ear warmers (Street vendor in NYC), and gloves (Target).  I shed the gloves pretty quickly, but left the rest on.  It was exactly what all the other bloggers recommended – chilly at first, then perfect once my blood got to pumping! The plan for today called for me to run for one hour, and cover at least four miles.  The larger lake of the LSU lake system in 4-miles around, so we started with a complete loop, and then did an out-and-back to finish out the time.  Things started a little slow, but picked up once I gained a little confidence in myself.  I ended up completing the hour with negative splits, even though that last mile was a little slower than I wanted. I was really starting to feel the strain in my legs by that point. No matter, this is the farthest that I have ever run! Such an exciting milestone.

Yay for my longest distance to date!

After tennis class, I came back to my apartment and made a yummy peanut butter protein shake that I found the recipe for online! I didn’t think to take a before picture, but I’ll definitely be making this again. I’ll post the recipe later!

Peanut butter yumminess!

This, along with my 9:30 class getting canceled, made for a pretty awesome Friday so far! Hope you have a great Friday too!!


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