SundayRunday on World Running Day!

Sunday was my second time to go running with the SundayRunday bunch from Claim Your Journey and it was a lot of fun! The event is held every Sunday, and starts at Ivar’s Bar and Grill. Runners can choose to run either 3.5 or 6.5 miles, but today we only did the 3.5 mile loop to have time for some pretty awesome giveaways in honor of World Running Day. They gave away a pair of shoes and clothes from Saucony, t-shirts, and bags. There were also sandwiches and chocolate milk! The first time I went to SundayRunday, I somehow ended up on my own and got a little turned around at the end. It took me 48 minutes, and I’m pretty sure I ran more than the 3.5 miles. They did have people directing for most of the loop, but not at the end. Today, I made sure to pay attention to street signs so that I wouldn’t get turned around if I ended up losing sight of the other runners. Sure enough, the runners I was following ended up going for a longer loop, but I made it back to Ivar’s on my own, and finished with a time of 38:18! That’s my fastest time ever.

Giveaways at the end of Sunday Runday!

I can’t wait to go again next Sunday! It’s a great excuse to add a few more miles into my week and of course it’s great fun! Caroline, my friend, roommate, and running buddy and I went together! (I use “running buddy” loosely; she’s much faster than I am!)

Caroline and I after the run!

Thanks to everyone’s advice on my troubles with the GPS on my iPhone. I used the RunKeeper app and things went great! I like that it lets me know time, distance, and pace during my run.


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