Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

Because that’s when the Tigers rolled the Tide! I never predicted that this game was going to be as big as it was, so I didn’t think to request a student ticket to the LSU vs. Bama game during ticket request time last June.  My family came in for the weekend, so my roomies, family and I drove the hour or so over to New Orleans to watch the game the next best way – in Champions Square outside the Superdome.  We arrived in New Orleans about 1 pm and parked at City Park to ride the trolley into the French Quarter.

Olivia and Kyah's first New Orlean's adventure!

We shopped at the French Market, and strolled through all the other weird and wonderful shops. We met up with my roommates around 5pm and headed to the Superdome. There were so many people that it felt like being in Tiger Stadium!

Alex, me, Emily, and Caroline waiting on the game to start
The Superdome was lit up purple and gold for the game!

We jumped, yelled, screamed, and nearly cried through the nerve-wracking game.  It was certainly everything it was predicted to be! As the game went into overtime, we were too nervous to even sit down anymore! The reaction when the final LSU field goal was good was INSANE!

LSU - 9, Bama - 6, Final Score!!

Walking back through the French Quarter after the game was loud and crazy.  We all had on our LSU t-shirts and sweatshirts, so anyone that saw us would give a loud, “GEAUX TIGERS!” Kyah asked us after a while if that ever got old. Answer: Never! We topped off the evening with a trip to the famous Cafe Du Monde for some beignets.

Olivia, me, and Mama at Cafe du Monde. We were so tired!

We were certainly all grateful for the extra hour of sleep that night! It was such a good day – family, friends, good food, and football!


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