How far have I gone?

I have this dandy little app called “13.1 coach” that I’m using to train for my (first ever!) half-marathon. It tells me when to run, how long to run, and about how much distance I should cover with each run. When I’m at home, running alone in my neighborhood during the early morning hours was safer than running the streets/lakes of Baton Rouge, because I live in a quiet subdivision. Too many sketchy things have gone down in the LSU area for me to run alone when the sun isn’t up, so when I’m at school don’t have an early morning running partner, I run at the Student Rec Center. This is the safer option, and I can easily count laps to know how far I’ve run, then do some simple math to figure out pace. But with the weather cooling, the time about to change, and my early morning running parter joining me again, I’ve been running outside a lot more lately. My trainer app comes equipped with a “Track Run” option that I use when I run outside. I’ve never had any problems, until recently. Here’s what the tracker map showed for my last 5k:

The map for the last 5k I ran...

It said that I ran over 4 miles! That makes an 8 minute pace, and I know I’m not that fast. A man near me at the race suggested that the large power lines along the race could have interfered, which is believable. However, this keeps happening! Sometimes, the GPS says I ran much less than I really did, and sometimes it says I ran way more. Now, I always use to check the distances, then plug them back into my app, which is a little frustrating.

Does your phone GPS ever show distances that are off? Do you have any suggestions on a way to improve the accuracy of the GPS?

6 thoughts on “How far have I gone?

  1. Hello again! Another suggestion to check out: RunKeeper. I have used the RunKeeper app for a full year now. It is very accurate – I’ve used it on all my races – and allows you to have a playlist…and track other workouts if you like (swim, cycle, etc).

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